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Let it go…

When you're in the hole, the pit of agony or emotional exhaustion, it is easier to create chaos in other parts of your life…

 …so you don’t have to endure the pain or fear with the obstacle at the source of your hardship.

I’ve been there and I know how debilitating it can be to have obstacles overrun your mind, disrupt your sleep and take over your well-being for weeks.

Humans naturally do this – unintentionally, unconsciously because you were not taught how to deal with emotional pain and the discomfort it brings. Instead, we get good at pushing it way down into our soul and hope it doesn’t resurface. 

Avoiding the tough things in life?

Eventually, those feelings will turn into something else.

And you’ll find yourself doing things that are completely out of character; such as working more, drinking more, overeating, overreacting more, and inflicting your anger or mixed emotions towards other people or other situations that have nothing to do with how you are feeling right now.

The truth is, what you are going through is meant for you in some way.  

To help you recognize your emotions and better direct them – it gets easier!

To help you move forward from hardship, everytime.

To give you the ability to grow as a person.

To shape you into the person you want to become and finally fall into your true worth. 

I believe in your power to change YOU!

I want to know more

Hey Friend, blessed to meet you…

I’m Jill Janecke.

Mental Health Counselor & Speaker MS, LPC-MH and your source of inspiration, and learning about ways to overcome mental health blocks and optimize your overall well-being.

I’ve been a Mental Health Counselor since 2005.

My passion for helping others sparked a chain reaction opening mental health centers across the state of South Dakota. Rising Hope Counseling in Pierre, SD opened its doors in 2013 to provide support and help people overcome life’s challenges. 

Now through Rise.Hope.Live, my team and I continue to educate and bring hope through online courses and speaking engagements. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, burnout, overwhelm, feeling stuck in life, or emotionally drained, the root cause can be healed from the inside out.

My goal is to give you the tools to overcome obstacles and hardships that are inevitable by teaching you how to identify the source of your emotions and heal from the inside first so you don’t outwardly misdirect your emotions and actions. 

Giving you the ability to resolve the pit of agony the next time it shows up.

Allowing you to continuously grow from each hardship.

My mantra:  If you have hope, you have everything.

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Have hope for your future.

And live your best life.

Give your workplace the potential to be great.

Leverage the best of every individual, help them heal from the INSIDE OUT and watch them
make great things happen.


Mental Health Improvement & Workplace Wellness

Passionate about helping others achieve their goals, reach personal growth, and overcome mental health obstacles and hardships?

You can help your workplace, business function, professional development training, or educational setting flourish with a unique tailored talk that will entertain, inspire and make change happen from the Inside Out.

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Burnout & Healing from the INSIDE OUT

Motherhood From The INSIDE OUT

Healing From The INSIDE OUT

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Mental Health Improvement

Without barriers or distance limitations, you can find education and support for mental wellness in the comfort of your own home.

Easy, Practical, and Affordable.

You can learn to change and live your best life today!

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"Jill helped me with my timeline of traumas. LOVE HER"

"I love her personality and how she broke things down so that anyone could understand."