Take comfort and be able to look within yourself.

You can heal from the inside out.

And watch the world around you flourish.

Hi, I’m Jill.
Nice to Meet You.

I’m a Mental Health Counselor, Personal Growth Advocate, and Thought Leader who helps emotionally strung, stressed and burnout humans overcome obstacles and hardships. I help them heal from the inside out, allowing them the mental freedom to do what they love and grow into who they want to become — their true self.

Whether they want to heal as a group or through one of my online lessons in the comfort of their home, I provide the custom solutions they need to fit the level of discomfort they are experiencing.

An advocate for boundaries and personal growth, helping you live life as your truest self.

Throughout my career, I’ve helped many people through depression, bullying issues, suicidal ideation, anxiety, grief issues, anger management, mood disorders, children experiencing loss due to divorced parents or loss of a parent, adjustments to life stresses, adults with childhood trauma and more.

During speaking engagements, I create particle and accessible solutions to help those who are not comfortable with walking into a counselor's office. I hope is to connect with more people, fill a room with positive energy and allow those in my presence to understand the power of self while healing from the INSIDE OUT.

I understand how we live in our emotions and how we constantly take action based on our emotions first and then logic or risk factors.

I want YOU to know that when you are overwhelmed, not sleeping, and not making concrete decisions, it can impact every part of your life.

You don’t have to let your emotions misguide you because your reflex is to hide and avoid the pain or fear associated with the obstacle you are faced with.

You can change the outcome.

You can heal from the inside out.

My background

Graduated from South Dakota State University in 2005 with a Masters of Science in Counseling. I've been in private practice since April 2009.

In January 2013, I moved to Pierre, SD, and opened my private practice, Rising Hope Counseling, LLC.

In 2019, I was blessed with the opportunity and dream to add more quality clinicians to my practice.

In 2020, I expanded my practice to bring quality care to other rural areas throughout South Dakota for people to have access to mental health care.

I led my team of amazing people to be ranked #598 of the fastest 5,000 growing private businesses in the United States by Inc. Magazine in 2022. It was ranked the fastest growing company in South Dakota in 2022.

Now through Rise.Hope.Live, my team and I continue to educate and make accessible tools for mental health wellness through online courses and speaking engagements.

Inspired by

My journey is spiritually driven. I continuously pray for the Holy Spirit to be the source of light through those at Rising Hope and through me. I’m blessed to provide clinicians with the opportunity to help people and for people to receive quality care for mental wellness.

We continue to pray – and journey on His path.

Spending time with family is healing.

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with her family and friends. I enjoy mindlessness in nature, reading, boating, and relaxing with my husband and children.