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Here is an Easy, Practical, and Affordable way to melt away stress and anxiety.

Don’t let your emotions hide inside you. Eventually, you’ll live on autopilot long enough to erupt in undesired behavior and feelings, and you won’t know why.

Is this what life is like most days?

You’re tired of feeling like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders.

You’re at a loss. Maybe you’ve been working so much, giving it your all but there are these conflicts to deal with that keep you up at night.

Or maybe the homefront has become increasingly difficult to manage – young children, high-conflict relationships, maybe an illness of your own or that of a loved one.

Whatever is taking charge of your emotions and energy right now makes you feel lonely and empty – depleted.

You’re struggling with so many emotions – anger, grief, anxiety, and guilt but it is showing up in awkward ways. Eating more, sleeping less, taking on habits you didn’t have…

You just want the stress and anxiety to stop so you can get out of bed in the morning and take care of what’s in front of you.

— but you have no clue how to make it happen.

You’ve tried a bunch of stress management techniques. Been through therapy or counseling but saw little progress or change and now you are out of ways to keep funding sessions. 

You’ve talked the ears off your BFF or even made friends that were kind enough to let you unleash what is weighing on your heart.

Yet, you are still here with a cup full of stress and anxiety. Unclear of what to do next.

Friend, you are not alone…


I’m here cheering you on.


You can do this.

"Jill helped me with my timeline of traumas. LOVE HER."

"I love her personality and how she broke things down so that anyone could understand."

Title: Reducing Your Stress to Live Your Best Life.

This is an On demand digital lesson, self-paced, and available for learning in the comfort of your home anytime you need it. 

What’s included?

  • Over 10 videos lessons
  •  Written summary
  •  Writing exercises with lessons

 Inside you’ll learn: 

  1. Reducing stress to live your best life.
  2. What does stress look like? 
  3. Tools and techniques to reduce stress.
  4. Brain tips.
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Title: Choose: Self-Growth

Missed this year's women's conference? Here's your chance to see Jill's Keynote from the 2022 Rising Hope 605 Women's Conference.

What’s included?

  • 50 minute recording of Jill's keynote presentation

 Inside you’ll learn: 

  1. Learn habits and patterns that allow our brains to be stuck.
  2. Identify keys to become aware and transform the inner processes of our thoughts and energy.
  3. Learn how to stop living the same day to day life & choose love and joy!
  4. Learn to Choose You!!
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Title: Regulating Big Emotions

Join Brooke Rustman to explore regulation, brain devleopment, and interventions with young children. 

What’s included?

  • 50 minute recording of Brooke's presentation

 Inside you’ll learn: 

  1. Trainees will understand brain development and how to connect with a child's brain when dysregulated.
  2. Trainees will learn at least 4 ways to regulate children who are hyper-regulated or hypo-regulated.
  3. Trainees will learn and implement empathetic responses (i.e. reflect feelings) to children who are emotionally dysregulated.
  4. Trainees will learn and implement the ACT model for limit setting.
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