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Dang it! ...

... the printer not working
... the software program not loading
... the event or client meeting that failed
... the long meeting where no decisions are made
... constant hesitation to take action or take the wrong action

Oh, and your kid *almost* spilled juice on your laptop.

The worst day ever! ~

Nothing is falling into place as it should or how you hoped it would. Things are blurry. Your brain is foggy and confused trying to figure out WTH is happening today!

You went to bed early to be sure you were primed for the big day - well, any day at work really. And it just all seems to be falling apart.

Sound Familiar?

Chances are you’ve had one of those days too.

And you’ve seen or heard your employees go through it too. 

Where nothing goes to plan and every tiny problem makes them want to scream. Or, make that tiny little thing they’re dealing with seem like the world is going to crumble. (hint: I’ve been there too)

Funny how we can go from being cool to losing our cool in an instant  – huh?

How quickly do you see someone become overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, and filled up with stress and anxiety when they’re faced with a conflict?

As their survival mode kicks in, they tend to act out irrationally, blame others, or take actions that are against the norm.

And what happens next?

It leads to hardships and conflict in the workplace that creates:

  • tension in the overall culture and atmosphere
  • more work disruptions absenteeism
  • project failure decreased productivity
  • An uptick in turnover, and termination

When you embarked on building your workplace, you committed to having a healthy work environment filled with great people. You hired people who were smart, productive, and happy humans and would care about the business as much as you do.

And on most levels, they do.

So, what is happening?


Why the groggy environment?

Employees have life experiences that trigger conflict within them, in their now, in the moment – whether they are at work or not.

Unresolved, it comes out sideways and spreads into their work environment. It can go unnoticed at first but over time the side effects tend to lead to making up excuses to compensate. While the conflict may not be directly about the workplace it is where they spend most of their days floundering in some negative core belief or experience that has not been processed or resolved from their past.

How Inside Out Talks help turn things around.

Understanding your employees from the INSIDE OUT is the driving force behind creating a profitable and productive work environment that will be emotionally strong as they are intellectually strong.

Understanding how humans work = creates a positive work culture.

Book an Inspiring, Positive, Captivating Talk

Talks start at $1000


Energize and inspire to motivate change – from the Inside Out

Lead your workplace to a better place. Through INSIDE OUT Talks, they’ll be entertained and educated while learning how to heal and flourish with personal growth.

Foster the climate you want by tapping into their inner joys. Provide motivation and watch how they can take action and reach success. Inspire, entertain and enhance self-growth.

Inspire, entertain and enhance self-growth.

Most sought-after INSIDE OUT Talks:

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Book an Inspiring, Positive, Captivating Talk

Talks start at $1000

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